Adam & Dawn Wedding Films


Adam and Dawn provide cinematic wedding videography in Dothan, Alabama and other Destinations.

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About Us

Welcome! We're so glad you found us! 

We are a husband and wife cinematography team. We met in high school and have been best friends ever since.  We are parents to two wonderful children, six (yes that's 6) awesome dogs, and one loving cat who we call railroad kitty. But the reason we are all here is because we have found a passion in working together to capture and create wedding films for our sweet couples.

Why should you consider having your wedding day filmed?
Take a moment to think about it... will you remember all the most important things from one of the most special days of your life... the sound of your parents voice when they first see you in your gown, the speeches of those special people in your life, the emotion of the first look, the silly glitch you made in your wedding vows that made everybody laugh? Between the excitement and anticipation you will loose memories right away, and not to mention all the things you don't even get to see on your own wedding day. We can't tell you how many of our couples and parents have come back to us and said,  "I didn't even know that happened" or "I forgot about that".  We can't encourage you enough to have your wedding day filmed! We will even go to the lengths to say that, even if you don't book us - book somebody! We hope it's us, but if we aren't the right fit - find somebody who is.

Why do you guys do this?
Like most people, we were amazed the first time we saw a cinematic wedding highlight film. We watched them for almost 3 hours straight! We were intrigued, deeply moved (Dawn cried, shocker), but mostly we were inspired. We were watching something amazing - real life couples confessing their love for one another for all the world to see. We knew we had try to do this, but boy were we in for a reality check. We didn't know where to start. Ironically, the very film-makers, Casey & Kristin, that hooked us became our mentors and now are some of our most respected friends. So to answer, we want it all to last… the tears, the laughter, and the memories! We want you to be able to watch your wedding film and feel the same feelings as you did that day, and to remember the love that brought a lifetime together! 

Do you still watch your wedding video?
With a heartbreaking - No. We didn’t video any of our wedding day and we wish so badly that we would have! Go ahead and learn from our regret. It drives our passion to make your film all the more special! Besides, we love celebrating love!

What's your style?
We rely on creative cinematic shots and try to be as non-obtrusive on your wedding day as possible. We want your natural raw emotions undirected. Our focus is on all the aspects that will make your video special so that you can have complete peace of mind. Capturing your memories is an honor and our passion!

Do you travel?
Yes! We are based out of Dothan, AL, but we love to travel!

First, we encourage you to watch some of "Our Work". If you think we are the team for you, then we strongly encourage you to inquire early! Due to the time and care that we take with each film, we accept a limited number of weddings per year. 

Cinematography vs. Videography?
Both. We respectfully use both terms. We say video. We say film. When really it's technically neither. We don't use film and we don't use videocameras. We use a combination of DSLR cameras and we edit digital footage. We use planned(Cinematography) and unplanned(Videography) shots to film your day. That's the technical stuff, but we say Cinematography mostly because it pushes us to be more creative and to produce finished products that have more of a movie feel.

What is your timeline?
We know you are excited for your film! Trust us, we are too!! We hope to have your Highlight film posted around 1-3 months after your wedding. Your completed final package will be delivered to you around 6 months after your wedding. If it's sooner, then wonderful! If it's later, then please know we consider quality over a timeframe any day of the week. We will spend countless hours bringing it all together... sound, visuals, sequence, music, voiceovers... just to begin. When we finish, we will know your wedding day better than you...yikes!